Re[2]: of seatposts and hubs

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Roger Davies wrote:

>You might need a whole new uni I am afraid. Ok here goes…Design is, 25mm od
>CrMo tube with flanges welded on: This is the core and it will be bomb proof it
>is well tested by the BMX guys.

I’m planning on having a whole new uni made, so I’m open to new ideas. Would you
be able to supply me with exact specifications of your bearing holder so
whatever I have can be attached to it?

>OK I admit it this is the best but requires a major re-design to the unicycle.
>Plan B is to use 20mm od Tubing and 6004 bearings. With only a slight mod my
>uni’s can be used as the OD of the bearing is 42mm. It would be heavier though
>and probably not as durable, but conciderably better than a normal uni.

If I understand you, unless someone is using one of your frames, new bearing
holders would have to be made in either case. If that’s true, I prefer the first
larger tubing.

>Completion of project… I asked the same, I will ask again tomorrow but on
>first try he thought 2 months to sort the design out.

Any idea on cost? I want to build at least two unicycles for myself, and if it
works nice and is not too expensive, others may want them as well. I’m thinking
of adapting a suspension fork, but haven’t decided that yet. Have you done any
experimenting with suspension seatposts?

As long as I’m speculating, what’s the estimated cost of this new hub/bearing
system along with one of your carbon frames?

Thanks, John Foss

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Re: Re[2]: of seatposts and hubs

>. I’m thinking of adapting a suspension fork, but haven’t decided that yet.
> Have you done any experimenting with suspension seatposts?
Five years ago I made a suspension seatpost out of a couple rear shocks in
tandem from a little Honda 70cc motorbike. It wasn’t perfect, mostly in that
when one end of the seat went down first and compressed one shock, they would
bind and lock up, and there wasn’t as much travel as their should be. Recently
my wife and I have looked into using a fork shock from a Mtn. bike, but were a
little puzzled as to how to connect the thing and is that aluminum alloy stuff
even weldable, esecially if the shock is oil filled-- ? A shock post would work
well, I think, except for figuring out how to attach it to a unicycle seat. Are
any good seats made these days that attach with rails like on a bike? Anyway, if
you make any progress with this, we’d love to hear about it.


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