RAW - Ride Across Washington

Here’s another fantasy that I would like to come true in the next 5 years:

Would anybody here be willing to do a Ride Across Washington in the foreseeable future? I could easily pick a route, get some hotels hooked up, and track the miles per day. I just need an ‘OK’ that at least 5+ people would do it. Here are some questions:

  • How many miles per day is reasonabe?
  • How many of you could/would go?
  • Is it reasonable?
  • How many days is good for novice distance riders like most of us?
  • How many support cars do we need?
  • Would anybody here volunteer to be a support car?
  • Any other tips?


I would TOTALLY do that…it’d be AWESOME!! I’m no expert on distance riding, but here’s my attempt at answering your questions…

  • How many miles per day is reasonable?
    let’s say…10-20ish? 20 miles is around my furthest ride ever…well, actually I haven’t even quite gone 20. yeah.

  • How many of you could/would go?
    me! me! me!

  • Is it reasonable?
    heck yes it is

  • How many days is good for novice distance riders like most of us?
    hrmm, got me there…

  • How many support cars do we need?
    4? actually, I have no idea.

  • Would anybody here volunteer to be a support car?
    I can’t drive.

  • Any other tips?
    let’s do it!!
    oh, and also, make a minimum wheel size…I’m thinkin 28" at the very smallest, but 29" would be even better.

one more thing…T-shirts, registration fee, charity. wait, thats 3. but 3 things I advise (:

That’d take a long time to get across the state. Look at unitours.org to see what other tours have done. The typical tour is about 45 to 90 km a day.

aHA, you’re right…well like I said, I’m no expert on unitours. 45 km is about 27 miles, and 90 km is about 55 miles, which is definitely doable…I’m still up for it!!

wimps, do like 70 miles a day

It’s an interesting idea, and provided you mean what you say when you toss out a “sometime in the next 5 years” timeframe, I’d be willing to give it some more thought and discussion around route, logistics, etc. That said, it’s not something I’d see happening at least for me in the next year or two. And on the list of tours I’d like to do, I’m not yet sure WA is at the top. For example, if I was going to invest 10 days riding a particular US state, I think I’d like to Ride Around Hawaii (RAH!!!) more. Or west to east across the southern part of Utah. But I’ll keep an open mind…especially if wait until you have a driver’s license and can help out with the support chores :).

To your other questions…

How many miles per day is reasonabe? Disregard Evan’s LVA post. The uni tours have some strong collective wisdom on how much daily riding makes for a fun and interesting tour. While I could envision a day or two in the 70 mile range, that wouldn’t make for a fun tour. Anything over 50 in a day and it’s only about the ride, and not about the places you’re riding through. I’d rather shoot for an average of 40 and have some time to stop and pick the apples, smell the onions.

How many of you could/would go? As mentioned, I’ll discuss, but not sure if I’d prioritize WA as the state I’d invest 10 days in. Would have to be a pretty interesting route.

Is it reasonable? Totally…especially if you REALLY LIKE WA.

How many days is good for novice distance riders like most of us? If you’re serious about riding across the state, you will no longer be a novice distance rider by the time you’re ready to head off. I’d say 10 at least, but a lot would depend on the route. To me, it would be interesting to re-trace Lars Clausen’s route across the state, starting in Neah Bay, maybe timing the trip through Sultan to coincide with their uni jamboree, etc. In any case, if it’s going to be truly across the state, it will be minimum of 400 miles, likely more.

How many support cars do we need? One.

Would anybody here volunteer to be a support car? Something would work out…not sure that’s a detail to sweat yet.

Any other tips? Don’t obsess about this…set your sights on some interim steps instead to increase your distance. For example, what about riding the great experience. If that’s not your style, there are plenty of other events organized through WA biking organizations that you could participate in. The Chilly Hilly being just one example.

a few guys have done RAGBRAI, which is a bike ride across iowa, on cokers. they did anywhere from 40-90 miles per day for 7 days and came in around 500 miles for the week. in a mountainy state like washington, i’d figure 50 miles or so per day would be good.

That’s too generalized. Once you get past the Cascades and Olympics it’s really flat.

I think you mean “mountainous state” dear, and please don’t forget that proper sentences should always begin with a capital letter. It is also proper to capitalize US states such as Washington and Iowa.


Miss Ayelery,
The language is a growing and evolving creature. I support the imaginative use of language.


i support my laziness of not capitalizing things online. also tyler, even if washington is fairly flat once you get past the costal mountains, it’s still hillier than iowa, and more importantly has some serious up and downs at the begining.

i said mountainy and i meant mountainy.

Me too. As long as it’s completly easy to understand, then its not really a big deal to have wrong grammer…

Just as long as u dunt b lik al dum lik dis. tats vry lame

It appears as though you haven’t been in the Spokane area, or north-eastern Washington in general. “Flat” is definitely not a word to use in describing this area.