Rare 24" and 26" tires!

Hello everyone!

It’s getting time to get rid of some tires, I have way too much at home right now, it’ll take years to get through all of them!

I have this brand new 26x3" Nokian Gazzaloddi tire at home that is not being ridden. I bought a set of 2 and I’m keeping the used one for myself. You’ll be able to tell by the pictures that it is brand new, if not, it’s been ridden only once or twice (not by me btw). These tires are not produced anymore, you better take it before your tire gets worned out!
Asking $75 + shipping.

Intense DH 24x3", was ridden a few times, but still looks pretty new. I have a problem with this tire, I never managed to make it fit on my rims, it looks like it’s a little bit bigger than 24". But, Saskatchewanian (on the forum) used to ride it on his 24", then sold it to my friend who also rode it on his 24". I tried it on my KH24 rim, 2 different DX32 (one of them was ridden by Saskatchewanian), and an Intense Mag30 rim, didn’t work on none of these. I know it’s a good tire, I dont know what’s the problem with it.
Asking 25$ + shipping.

Maxxis Holly Roller 24x2.4", this is not actually a rare tire or anything, it’s just not being ridden at all since I have a Hookworm. I rode it a little bit on road only, it’s a really really light tire, pretty fun on a geared 24".
Asking 20$ + shipping.

I also have a Kenda Nevegal 26x2.7", it havn’t moved since I got my 3" Gazz. Check the other thread for pictures!
Asking 20$ + shipping.

PM me if you are interested in any of these!

Bump! I saw sure someone would have jumped on that 3" Gazz!

Hey Jaco, wanna trade the Gazz for my Larry?

I bought a Larry localy that was ridden only twice in the snow, so basicaly a brand new Larry for really cheap.

I’m not trading for any other tire, I have too much tires right now!

Bump! Prices can be negociated a little bit also… Make me an offer!

Hi Jaco_flans,

the Larry you bought, is it the 27tpi wire bead or the 120tpi foldable ?

And about the Holly Roller, how much does it weight ? I guess it is a wire bead (so packing as folded eight at best).

If your tire collection is full, what about your collection of cranks :p:D:p ? Looking for additional specific length(s) :wink: ?

The Larry I have is the 27tpi wire bead. The guy I bought it from sold it because he wanted a lighter tire.

I can’t find the weight of the Holly Roller in 24" the Maxxis website, but the 26"x2.4 is 825g, so mine will logically be slightly lighter. It would be really really easy to ship as it can be folded.

What kind of cranks you have? We could maybe work out a trade…

Good news that the Holly Roller can be folded :slight_smile:

For the parts I have for trade, I try to keep the link in my signature up-to-date. On the cranks side nowadays, it is down to Qu-ax 100mm & 170mm and Sinz 135mm. I have a pair of Sinz 145mm installed on my 26 muni but I have some plan to test disk braking and the Sinz are craving for a Mountainuni disk :wink:

Let me know if you find parts to your liking or let me know what you are looking for in case there is unlisted parts I can spare.

I just checked your list, nothing interesting for me. I do have a pair of Qu-ax 100mm, 170 is too long, and Sinz would probably not be strong enough for me.

The Holly Roller is not expensive though, I’m pretty sure it fits your budget :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not. But usually the shipping can be :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have an estimate of shipping the Holly Roller to 02476 (USA) ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

On a side note, the Intense DH tire might be way heavier (~1500g) and not foldable, right ? Do you plan to throw your Hookworn in this thread by any chance :smiley: ?

The Intense DH is indeed way heavier than the Holly Roller, but lighter than the Duro or Gazzaloddi. It’s not foldable. I’m not planning on selling my Hookworm, I had so much trouble getting it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I pm’ed you about the shipping.

Intense DH sold! I’ll be reposting my stuff soon, I have a big Garage sale comming!