Random Stuff for sell

Just thought i’d get rid of some stuff.

Maybe: Black Domina II Frame, barely used. 155$ i’ll pay shipping

Koxx-One 135mm Street Cranks- Noticeably bent from a hard landing, about 2 cm bent… still ridable but noticable for sure. If anyone wants them just for fun…I owned them for like a month and a half, $30 you pay shipping

Odyssey’s Jim Cielincki Medal Pedal, Brand spankin’ new. Never been ridden!!! 10$ you pay shipping.

K124 Butterfly Pedals: New, 40$ you pay shipping

Maybe: I also have 2 broken KH longneck frames that are broken at the fork where it meets. You could weld them… Make me an offer.

I may be willing to trade for something, I’m looking for some 125mm KH moments and a Impact round crown frame.

I might think of something else I want to sell but for now that’s it.

Sorry for the crappy formatting I didn’t want to take the time :stuck_out_tongue:

-Kevin Kartchner