Random lines!

we’re making progress so fast that all lines we wanted to film in our city became to easy :-p so all the lines in this vid are lines we can do EVERY DAY, any time;-) have fun!

nice tim and arne!!
We realy need to get a ride!

It’s nice to see a video with a concept behind it and it’s good to know you can do 1:19 any time you like. :stuck_out_tongue:

That log could entertain me almost indefinitely.

Cool video :slight_smile: Liked the lines and control, and the huge drop.

Nice riding. Just add new stuff to old lines to make them more fun. ;D

Really nice, you’re one of my favorite riders to watch.

niiiice! im going to belgium next week, but not to uni :frowning: i wish i could though

That was great guys! The trials lines and the flip off the thing at the end were really nice:)

sweeeet trials !!! i like.

Very nice. Can’t wait to see you guys at your best.


very nice lines and good style!

Were will you go to in Belgium? (what city?)
can’t you take your uni with you? :stuck_out_tongue:

and thx for the comments :roll_eyes:

really good trail stuff!!!


Nice work on those lines :wink:

haha. i wish i could take a uni but im going on a school trip to the war battlefields.

Great vid Arne and Tim :). Next holiday we’ll make a HD vid (with wim’s new cam) in Ostend :D.