Random Crap Vid

Hey everybody,

I had a whole lot of random footage from various rides this year so I put together this video. It’s nothing flash as far as anything creative goes but there are some pretty cool clips in there.

So yea, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf68skr4jTg

what kind of uni did you use?

Me personally? I’m the guy with the black uni. It’s a GP trials (similar to Summit or KH '04)

You guys are really good riders.:slight_smile:

And at the end when someone is uni’ing on those white blocks, hopping to each of them. That is the same place that shawn denny rode his trials bike for drop in season 4.

Thanks man. Yea I heard about Shawn Denny gapping those. I’d really like to see that episode but we don’t have C4. Quite often when we’re riding there we’ll see trials bikers having a go at them. There are a couple of guys in town who can jump two or three of them. It just seems so much harder on a bike!