Ran into a family of bears!

While riding Muni on a public backwoods trail yesterday I came around a corner and there stood a Mamma bear and three of her cubs. I nearly wet myself! :astonished:

The bears all ran in the opposite direction (luckily) but I was all set to put my unicycle between me and them. I talked to the local fire department and newspaper on my way home and they seemed unconcerned, said it happens a lot in that area. But these were fricken bears!

i’d be scared.

Pfft, should’ve taken us a picture :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have talked to the city planner. Undeveloped land is dangerous. Suburbia spreads law and order to the wilds.

Been there three different times on a unicycle myself. Each time had its own excitement involved. Its a natural part of riding in Washington and BC. When they stand up on their rear legs and give you a looking over I start to get nervous.

remember when an angry bear latches a hold of you to jab it in the eyes, ignore the fact that your leg will prolly be missing just go for the eyes:p

Lions, Tigers and Bears

I’ve seen 4 bears and 3 moose in a single afternoon riding uni in B.C.

It really helps to ride with a stringer of fresh trout though : )

uni trout.jpg

is that chewbacca standing in the forest in the middle pic??

…Or an Ewok

What can I say?..crappy camera=crappy picture

A good picture of a guy taking a picture of a bear with a really expensive camera. You would kinda think you would not need to be 20 feet away to get a decent picture with a $6000 lens

Wow, I have just run into many deer, no bears. I do ride in the mornings on the canal path by work and one day but further down the path than I rode that day (I switch directions) a bear was sitting in the middle of the path and bikers had to wait to avoid it. This is a picture one of the bikers took I did not see the bear. blueharmony I’m happy they didn’t go in your direction and you were alright.

Yep, if they are russian bears, they could have stolen your uni and ride away!

So far I haven’t come across any bears, although I expect I will at some point. A couple years ago a bicyclist here ran into a bear while cresting a hill during his morning commute.
For black bears, not much concern unless cubs are present.
I worry about grizzlies.

Haha :astonished: I’m happy it wasn’t and didn’t :smiley:

How did a bear afford a really expensive camera?

All he needed was to catch a well-equipped hiker… Or a unicyclist with a camera :slight_smile:

Blueharmony, what trails do you ride? I am in the area and will be looking for beginner-level trails soon…

beware of any bear: they are an unpredictable bunch!

Especially grandpa bears on unicycles!:smiley:

Well I’m not going to go pat a black bear on the head or anything. My point is that unless you’re stupid about it, black bears are very unlikely to do you any harm. Grizzlies, however, are much less predictable and more likely to chase you down, smack you around, and maybe eat you.

I ran into a bear while mountain biking approximately 10 years ago in North Georgia, Fort Mountain State Park. I was riding along a trail, with the hill going up to my left and down to my right. There was a big bunch of milkweed that was knocked across the trail from right to left leaning up hill. I thought, “huh, that’s weird”, as most teens or kids would break it away from the trail leaning down hill. I looked up the hill and about 10 feet away was a black bear. I opted to keep riding and it opted to leave me alone. That’s as close to a bear as I ever hope to be. In fact, if I never see another large carnivore in the wild again, that would suit me just fine.

Would you prefer a colosseum?