Raising Money for Cancer Research

The name Kaleigh Grainger is known to many unicyclists and jugglers around the world. She is one of the UK’s top freestyle unicycle riders and the daughter of Steve Grainger, who organises most of the UK’s “Uni-meet” events. However, what most people won’t know is that Kaleigh’s Mother, Elaine, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer several years ago and has been battling Cancer ever since. On the 11th of December,2004, Kaleigh informed us that her mother had been taken into hospital again with Secondary Cancer of the Liver. Sadly, her mother died shortly after on the 19th December, 2004.

Before her mother died, Kaleigh said that she wanted to try and help other people in the same situation, hoping that she could help ease the suffering of Cancer patients and their families in the future. She asked for help in raising money for Cancer Research UK.

So we are… On the 7th January Roger Davies from Unicycle.com will be riding some 750 miles from Nanning to Kunming in Southern China. The ride will be self-financed by Roger and is organised by Roz Beste from Hong Kong. It will be completed on a 36" Coker unicycle both on and off-road.

Like so many people who have lost loved ones to this illness, Kaleigh is determined to try and make a difference, please help us to make a difference to other peoples lives where Cancer Research UK try to ease the suffering and loss for the millions of people world wide. Sponsor Roger Davies in his endeavour to raise money to donate to Cancer Research UK.

If you would like to help you can donate online on a Donation Page.



Lots of sympathy to Kayleigh , lots of respect to Roger.

7th Jan- thats like two days time.
You don’t give us much warning Roger! Wow, what a trip.

Best of luck, take lots of but butter.

Ha… not much warning. You should see my “to do” list. I have so much “work stuff” to do before Friday and “publisity” and… oh I suppose I should pack some time. :smiley:


What a fantastic trip for a very good cause.

Good Luck


Hi Everyone,

We are on our way… but it is cold and has been wet the last few days. But is lovely here, you should see the photos… you will have to wait for them, but I tell you they are worth it. the riding is fantastic.
Check out Roz’s blog, there is loads on the trip day by day.


WOW, roz is one tough cookie, thata quite some “holiday” shes doing.

Intersteing to read about the hotels in china, reminded me of the Unicon 10 hotel a lot, sounds like we should have been glad we had electricity all the time we were there.


The quality of the hotels might be variable but access to the internet must be good judging by the near daily blog updates.

Have a great ride.


What an awesome trip! Keep up the daily blog updates…any photos?

Hi all,

Updates on Roz’s blog are not daily, it is hand written as we go… some towns dont even seem to have electricty some of time never mind internet connections!

I think there may be a gap of a few days as we are still not anywhere where we can do an update. The connection here in Chingxi is ok, but we only have half an hour. We rode today over the most massive mountain pass (it was fun! well I thought so, but Roz says she is not sure as she walk a fair chunk of it and did not play race the truck) and had to travel light. We then sent a taxi back to pick up our luggage and it is due soon… shower time!

We also hope to find somewhere that can upload our photos, we have loads now, but that is more difficult that it may seam. It is all fun though.

Thank everyone for supporting the cause.


Sponsored Unicycle Ride

Well done for raising money for such a good cause. Kaleigh Grainger is my 2nd cousin and Elaine was my mom’s cousin.

Unicycle For Cancer Research Uk!

anyone interested in raising money for cancer research uk on their unicycles you can do by ckecking out this thread … http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1020826#post1020826
please read this, thankyou.