Nothing special
Very short.
But some people might like to watch.
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what a balance those rails seem to be really difficult

I don’t see how you guys do that!!
It looks imposible.


:roll_eyes: nothing special :roll_eyes:

that is deffiniatly something special to have such good balance

good skills

wow…simply amazing:)

I wish I had still-stand/skinny skills.

Im at a lost for words other than…The next Joe Hodges!!!

you’ve got good technique there.

lol thanks guys
I will try to release a full vid sometime sooon

That white rail loooks hard, how do you get good at rails?

Can’t wait for the longer one :sunglasses: :smiley:

$otchy$ - Build up some obstacles in your back yard. Start w/ some wide skinnies and work your way down to a 2X4 on its edge, then round 2" rails and work your way up to higher heights.

Another short video i chucked together with footage I won’t be using for my new vid.Youtuberr