rail type against traditional...

Hey everyone. What are the advantages of rail type seatposts and traditional seatposts? I’m really tired of breaking my (traditional)seatposts, and I was wondering if rail types were stronger. thanks.:slight_smile:

Well I like it because you have more ways to adjust the saddle; up, down, forward, back. Only problem is sometimes the rails get bent, but now that I have a thompson seat post, that won’t happen. Also, sometimes you’ll get a “sqeak” but this is usually because the seatpost bolts are a tad loose on the rails. I much prefer the rail type over the traditional 4 bolt seat post. Oh, and I also like the brake lever post that comes on it too, since I use maguras.:slight_smile:

Also the rail adapter can get in the way when you are doing tricks. So Id just stick with a regular seatpost if thats what you are doing. If you are doing muni then Im not sure which is better.

For muni and road riding I’ve found having a rail adaptor to be invaluable in gettign comfortable on the seat. Recently bought a 29er without one and I’d forgotten how much the rails do for you.

Get a normal steel uni post.
Like Tim said rail adapters suck for tricks, I have gotten fingers stuck in it and its no fun.

to answer your question, yes, rail posts are stronger than standard fourbolts, simply because there is a higher number of contact points on rail posts to spread out force more effectively. The only problem with them, is that usually they require a railpost adapter (with the exception of the scott wallis base) and that gets in the way when doing unispins and SIF and other trials and street things.

Ok I’d definitely agree that a rail type is totally impractical and not needed for trials/street. I was referring to muni and/or cokering, where you put in tons of saddle time and need all the fine adjustments you can get.

you will break traditional post. never have bothered sticking my fingers in between the rails on a rail post.
get a welder to fix up a seat post for you with a nice gusset or 2.

what kind of post are you breakin though?