Racing wheel size

>> >Here’s a rules correction from Steve Cernkovich for the previously posted
>> >information on the 1995 National Unicycling Convention.
>> >>
>> >> The previous announcement that the same wheel size must be used for
>> >> racing events, including the board races and obstacle course, was in
>> >> conflict with the new (1995) rules. As such, the rule we will be
>> >> implementing for the racing events at
>> >> 1995 NUC is as follows: Maximum wheel size is 24" diameter. Smaller
>> >> sizes may be used for various races. This means that those riders who
>> >> to use a 24" wheel for the track races, and a 20" wheel for the board
>> >> and obstacle course, for example, will be permitted to do so under the
>> >> rule.

For rules history buffs, only the wording has been changed on wheel size in the
1995 USA Rulebook. Since 1992 it has been written that smaller sized wheels
could be used. It is only in 1995 that this rule is being interpreted
(clarified) in the way it was originally intended.

As one who often has to fly to the NUC (especially now), I have to deal with the
problem of which unicycles to bring. I have two different 24" models that I have
used for racing, and a 20" for artistic. Last year I toyed with the idea of
having my 45" big wheel shipped to Minnesota for the Unlimited Road Race. I
declined to spend the money.

This year we have a new source of extra unicycles, the 100m Unlimited Race.
What kind of unicycle do you think will be the fastest in such a race? I’ve
heard several different opinions. You may not be able to attend the NUC, but
what do you think? Will it be a big wheel? Will it be a medium wheel (26" or
so)? Or will it turn out to be 24" unicycle with 1" crank arms? As for myself,
I never bothered to acquire a 26" unicycle because I feared it would spoil me
in regards to regular unicycle racing. I thought I’d find my 24" too slow. I’m
here in Westbury, and my unicycles are in CA. I want to experiment with
different types to see what’s faster! Unfortunately, my local high school (in
Rocklin, CA) is brand new, and they keep their red rubber track locked up when
not in use. Oh well.

I’m curious to hear what people think will be fast in an unlimited 100
meter race.

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone