QX Stair And Style - Stuttgart, Germany 2010


Downhill through the woods is old hat. We focus on Stuttgarts stairs, which are part of many disciplines (such as Stair DH, or stairspeed) and are the reason for the events name. Besided that, there will be a best trick contest and a flatland contest. The schedule allows individual activities and allows participants to just hang out with others and have fun.

The event is located in the middle of Stuttgart. It only takes you a few minutes to find some awesome spots for trial/street/flatland or just check out some sigths of Stuttgart (cars, pubs, beer).

The registration is now open, and we are looking forward to see you guys in Stuttgart.

Check out the website for more information:


  • Date: 24.-26.09.2010
  • Places: Stuttgart, Marienplatz & Willy-Reichert-Staffel
  • Schedule: Various unicycle competitions and stuff
  • Organizer: RSC Stuttgart
  • Participants: number is limited to a maximum of 100

The registration will be open until 25th August.

Please register as soon as possible HERE, in case that you are not on the participants list yet.