QX-series 36" ISIS Marathon pros and cons

Qu-Ax currently has the QX-series 36" ISIS Marathon on sale and it seems like a nice deal to me but it worries me that the product weight is listed as 12,00kg.
I’m aware that it’s an old/discontinued model but I find it hard to believe that when the new RGB 36" is 7,4kg that the old 36" model should be 4,6kg heavier. So does anyone know what the real weight is and what the minimum inseam (with cut seatpost) is for the 36" ISIS Marathon? Maybe @qu-ax have the answer for us?

Also does anyone own this Uni and have any pros and cons about it?
Seems like the cheapest non square taper 36" Uni I can find currently.

This is just a shipping weight for shipping cost estimation. It is one remnant we got from a dealer. Sorry, I do not have the weight at my fingertips right now…

If you don’t want disk brakes, this looks like a great deal. (Seems like it’s a bit of a parts bin special to me, I don’t remember having seen this combination for sale before.)

Seat isn’t exactly a great one (it’s more of a beginner model seat), so I’d budget replacing it with something decent. Probably some pedals too. Even with those two upgrades in mind, it seems like a fair price to me.

Minimum inseam should be the same as any other 36" (that isn’t the nightfox).


Thanks @qu-ax for answering the question about the weight. What about the rim - it looks like a “rounded” (in lack of better words) rim that is only suitable for disc-brakes? If I’m right about that mounting a Magura rim brake is not really an option as a cheaper future upgrade and I would like to keep option open.

(and then I need to decide for myself if I dare to go directly from a Qu-Ax 20" Profi to a 36" or I should rather get a 29" as my next Uni - but I guess there is no solid answer for that and it’s mostly a question about courage / fear / age … :slight_smile: )

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I think the rim looks fine for a rim brake. Have a look at it a second time?


the rim is suitable for braking. However, the surface is very narrow indeed - and it is - yet, anodized. We had riders riding it with Magura - it is not ideal, but possible.

The rest, indeed, is your decision and depends a lot on what and where you ride :slight_smile:

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