Qx BlackZeroQ cranks / Koxx-One "Reinforced" hub

I have the following items for sale:

Qx BlackZeroQ ISIS cranks

  • aluminum 7050
  • 125mm
  • Q-Factor: zero (hence the name of these cranks)
  • steel insert for pedal thread
  • 485g (pair)
  • very gently used used, for only few hours.
  • new the price was € 59,00

Koxx-One “Reinforced” ISIS hub

  • CrMo-stål
  • 36h
  • 450g
  • 25mm axle (for 37 or 42mm bearing)
  • never used
  • new the price was SEK 545 - or € 59,00

Both items can go for any reasonable bid.



does the hub comes as pictured ? Or is there the matching bearings ?

Comes as pictured.
The diameter of the “bearing bank” of this hub is 25mm, and the width 18 mm.

Those newer Mad4one hubs are 25 mm also.
They use 6905RS bearings (25x42X10) + 42x2 spacers.
That would fit on this equally.

To use it on the new sizing on Impact unicycle (usually two times a 22x32x7), you could use for example three times the 617052RS (25x32x4) and 3D print a spacer of 2mm.

Oh, I see I do have a pair of used 25x42x10 bearings and a 2mm spacer.
They could come along, but those are used.

Cranks are sold, hub is still available.