QVP 06 catologe

Here are some things your LBS will now have in regards to unicycle (if they are setup with QVP)
Don’t expect them to stock them, but u can order them
Prices will varry

You can get
Kris holm cranksets
profile cranksets

surley conundrums in both 24 and 26 in with p-file or kh cranks

velo gell
and velo regular sadle
conundrm frames
hs33’s for conundrum
and more too
thought ya’ll ought to know

sorry for my ignorance …

but what does QVP stand for?

and whats all this about ?

Im gonna have check at the two LBS around my house to see if they got anything new in, i know bicycle butler right down the street from me already carries torker, but im not sure of anything else.

Its good to see that more stores are expanded on this ever so loved and growing sport

I think its QBP, Quality Bike Parts, not QVP. I’m not sure QBP has any high end uni stuff on stock in the newest catalogue, are you talking about the '06 one?

is there a web site I can order these from.

nope just your lbs

obie is right. it’s QBP. and yes, i’ve just thumbed through the 06 catalog and it has the profile and KH crank sets. and a few other not so important parts(suzue hub among others). but the big news is that it has the Surly unicycles built around to endomorph tires and the large marge rims. they are quite expensive though.

oh yeah qbp, my bad lol brain fart

Alfred E. Bike has the QBP catalog online for ordering. They have placeholders for some of the new parts, but they’re not in the online catalog yet. Give them time and the online catalog should be updated with the new unicycle parts.

velo gell
and velo regular sadle
conundrm frames
hs33’s for conundrum
say what???