Quote of the day (from non-riders)

Young lad before crossing me on the sidewalk: „Roaaar!“ (oh no, he‘s probably drunk and because of a parked car I can’t just swerve. I guess I will have to endure whatever will follow, sigh :roll_eyes:) „Now that‘s commitment!!!

During todays ride on the 36”, I met a neighbor who told me, “Yeah, there’s another guy in the neighborhood that rides one of these. He comes by quite often, but his unicycle is smaller and he rides with his dog on a leash.” I responded with “Oh! That’s me!”

I was getting excited about the possibility of another unicyclist living in the neighborhood.


A couple of days ago, I rode casually with my girlfriend (me: G36, her: road bike) and a bystander shouted to her, “Pleeeaaase! Let him win!”