Quiz Results: N.Q. Swallows and Amazons

Only two PMs, but I knew the quiz was going to be very difficult. Perhaps I made it just a little too hard

Muniuni managed to get 17 right out of 25, a very creditable performance. Round of applause.

The second entrant JayS merely realised there must be a quiz, but couldn’t figure out what it was. So nice try, but no coconut.

MattSmith caused me to grin by saying that “it doesn’t have a quiz” in the thread. Sorry Matt, also “nil point”. :wink:

So the clues:

I described having a devious weird mind, with an odd sense of humour, and then mused about writing a quiz and not telling anyone about it. This was intended to suggest that there was certain to be a quiz.

Then “no-one would get 25/25 right” so are you looking for 25 answers? yes you are.

later: “Nothing huge but much bigger than the gudgeon would ever become. There will surely be other species to identify, if I look hard enough”. So you are looking for 25 fish names. All of which happen to be species of freshwater fish to be found in British rivers and lakes.

I hid the names of 25 species of fish to be found in British freshwater in the text. An example: an obnoxious tickle back of my throat. I won’t give all the answers , for some of you might still want to look, now that you know what to look for.


Ahhh. I should have seen that. Now that I know, it all seems so straightforward, and I don’t know how I missed it. damn!

Good puzzle, I’ll have a go at the 25 and will PM later.

You are one twisted unit, Naomi. I mean that in the best way possible. :slight_smile: