quirky unicycle references in movies

I am watching Slackers, a college comedy from 2002, and noticed a BUNCH of unicycling references

There was a miyata freestlye hanging in this guy (Cool Ethan’s) room.
Then, there was an illustration of this Ethan guy (who, unfortunately is really lame) wheel walking.
Then, this Ethan dude is riding w/ a whole unicycle club, and one guy has a coker.

So far, that’s it, i’ll post again if there are more

Has anyone else found funny things like this in movies? Feel free to post up!

Bojiboy recorded the group riding part and put it in his gallery.
Heres the link. http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/epluribusfunk/Slackers_Mar_08_001.avi

Not a movie, but was watching MythBusters today where they built a “jet” pack. At the end of the show where they talk about how they feel they were unsucceful there’s a unicycle sitting behind Jamie’s chair.

You think he can unicycle? He seams like he could.

I saw that show. I sitting and then I was like “Woah, dad a unicycle.”

quote from reeves and mortimer.

Like a sugar unicycle that’s being ridden by a fork,
like a batten berg owned by Jesus that can miraculously talk

they can be completly random


Re: quirky unicycle references in movies

“halfbike” <halfbike@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> I saw that show. I sitting and then I was like “Woah, dad a unicycle.”

I saw it, too, with a Miyata-green saddle and a long neck chrome


Was there a unicycle anywhere in The Triplets of Belleville?

Edit: Website

lol, the day before i watched Slackers, i was watching this episode of myth busters at my friend’s house and pointed it out!
how ironic

Also not a movie, but on the ITV westcountry news today they had a little snippet of film of some cycle commuters arriving at a big office block, and one of them was on a coker.

Its national bike week in the UK.

In the old animated Schoolhouse Rock, “Three is a Magic Number” has three unicycles which run into each other and turn into a tricycle.

In one episode of the TV show “Futurama,” the robot Bender is faces with a tightrope walk. He starts walking, then wavers and says “whoa, almost lost my balance there” … and follows up by taking a unicycle out from somewhere on his person and riding it across the remainder of the rope.

On the first season of Family Guy there is a unicycle. They go to the fair and yous see someone riding a unicycle around.

On “The nightmare before christmas” there’s a clown with a “tare-away face” who rides a unicycle constantly, it a great film,


its not a movie, but in the twizzlers sour commercial they are riding unicycles as if theyre in the circus.