Quick Video

Hey this is a quick video I threw together yesterday for the canadian blood services awareness week, they are profiling people who use blood products (I have been using blood products for 10 years). It is to encourage people to give blood and to get the awareness out there, and hopefully will start getting the idea of extreme unicycling out there too. To that extent i will also be in the globe and mail on june 12th.
I will start putting out some more videos shortly
here’s the link :http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=JTLSyrPwIeE

Good video.

+1 for Distillers.

Nicely done Bry!
+2 for the distillers, eh? And extra bonus points for irony.

i liked the riding
hated the music haha

From what you’ve told me of your riding skillz, this didn’t come close. I also think that extreme shouldn’t be tagged with unicycling, it sounds awful. You don’t hear extreme BMX, extreme bike-trials, extreme this and that.

I want to see you

  • ride rails
  • Higher hops

Other than that it was an okay video.

haah eassssy, danni. I think the extreme tag, was more for the canadian blood services people.

The video was decent, its tough to keep your riding up to date when youre in school constantly.

all you have to do bry is prove him wrong:)

I can wait.

Nice, that was really good. Your skinnies on the water’s edge were pretty intense, I would of been to scared to do it. You filmed all that in one days time. I wish I could get thatmany shots in 1 day.

I think he meant edited in one day, some of that was from a few months back.

Everyone puts extreme in their tags, and probably because it’s more likely the average person will search “extreme unicycling” than “trials/street unicycling”. A lot of sports are described as extreme anyway.

The vid wasn’t bad btw, I liked the shifty the most :stuck_out_tongue: