quick question

im just learning how to ride and im obsessed with trials what would be a good uni for me and where can i get it?

Torker DX - $200 to $250 from Ebay or Unicycle.com
Qu-Ax Trials - $323 from Unicycle.com
KH20" - $500 from Unicycle.com or! $365 from http://aebike.com/page.cfm?PageID=30...ils&sku=UN2020

Almost every one will say go for the KH or the DX…Ask anyone and they’ll tell you those are all bombproof…so go with what ever you can afford.

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summed it up!
the quax is just as strong as the others if you don’t know

you want a splined hub. if you don’t know what I’m talking about… you will, do a search.

what about the nimbus 20 in trials on uicycle.com

That isn’t a splined hub so it will wear down on you relatively fast as you progress with trials. You are better off getting one of the three mentioned above.

It’s not splined…

well this will be my first uni so you think i should get the better one even tho im not good

If you buy one of the three previously mentioned uni’s…and then decided you don’t like it (probably won’t happen :p) I’m fairly sure they have a great resale value…If I’m wrong about this, someone feel free to correct me. :o

about unicycle.com how does the shippingwork does it ship from the closest dealey to you or what?


Scroll down and there should be some shipping info.

I bought my first uni from them and I had it within four or five days.
EDIT: You could also call them if you have any questions about shipping. :slight_smile:

there prices are in american right


I just realized that you are in Canada. shipping is going to be expensive especially with border duties. you are better off dealing with www.bedfordunicycles.ca Send him an email telling him your skill level and what you are looking to do and he should be able to hook you up with something.

yeah but every un on there is more than i want to spend

he hasn’t updated that price list in ages. its best to just send him an email, then you will get the latest prices and options.

ok thanks

there is a cyclepro trials uni (maybe called a muni)
should be good for a while, until you get into it.

i was reading and i only found 1 cycle pro and it was being sold by itself somewhere in america are you sure he has it and howmuch is it

i was reading and i only found 1 cycle pro and it was being sold by itself somewhere in america are you sure he has it and howmuch is it

CyclePro Muni

Our bike shop just sold a CyclePro Muni (also sells under the Avenir brand) for $139.95. We are getting more in and are taking orders. Shipping is free domestically but shipping to Canada would add to the cost. I’d have to calculate how much.