Quick question about KH rims

Example of rim in question:


Does this rim trap a lot of dirt and debris? In all the pictures it looks like the tube/vinyl strip is recessed into the rim quite a ways. It seems like this would allow for all kinds of things to get up inside the rim. Do you just have to take the tire off and clean it from time to time?

Also I’ve seen a few pics of a similar unicycle where the insert appeared to be flush/near bulging out of the rim. Is this a function of tire pressure?

In my experience the rim strip gets dirty over time, but never really builds up dirt in any significant amount. It’d probably be a challenge to get dirt to hang on with all the vibration and shock happening. I’ve never taken my tire off just to clean the rim strip, but I’ve hosed things from time to time. I’ve never had anything major get lodged in there, but I suppose it’s possible. I could imagine a stick could find it’s way in, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I’d say it’s a function of tire pressure, and also stretching with time. The rim strip comes flat and uniform, but last time I removed one I recall there being circle bulges from the rim.

Thanks for the reply.

rim strip bulge

Hey there- I left my uni in a car in s. GA on a summer day and apparently the tube expanded from the heat and really pushed the rim strip out. No big deal as far as I could tell, but probably compromises the tube integrity somewhat. No dirt issues for me either.

Chris S.