quick fix

my unicycle was starting to fall apart as i was riding off terrain so i had some of those metal clamps that you use a screwdriver to tighten between the petal clamps and the fork it worked like a charm!

Cool–good thinking!

I recently made it about 20 miles with my stripped crank arms glued on to my wheel hub.

asome im suprized that glue held for 20 miles thants pretty freaking amazing :astonished:

Do you have a lolipop style frame? Because that I’ve done that fix. It worked really well for me, so expect it to hold for a long time.

Wait wait wait… I am trying to make some sense of these babbles and rambles and this is what I get:

You have taken a clamp and attatched it to where your crank arm would be and clamped it onto your pedal, to use as a crank arm??? Am I getting this right???

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

P.S. Highlight those ??? Faces and they turn into aliens…