Quick clip

Heres a quick clip from the other day.
Keep in mind Im brand new to Uni but getting there

Got scared that my son was too close at the end and had to bail

Cool, it looks like you’re getting the hang of it. And you’re an adult, which means it’s harder to learn it. Keep riding :slight_smile:

yeah your definitely getting better, well done!

Thanks, because I dont think I could get any worse LOL

But really, I’ve been practicing at least an hour every day and it been almost 2 weeks. I have riddin a few blocks at a time and can free mount with both feet, idle a bit and ride/stop/hop/ride again a little.

Now I need to find some others so I can see what kind of Uni I want to upgrade to.
I like the Idea of something I can ride distance on but am leaning towards a 24" nimbus Muni for all around street riding and light trail riding (not trials, trails)
I can always buy a 29 or 36" later to dedicate to longer street rides.

Ill post a vid next week of my real accomplishments, this was just a fun couple seconds with my son.
I’ve got my eye out for a used 12’ for him