Questions- Bearings and paint.

I was thinking about getting a new frame and painting it. What is the bearing size for the Onza 05 trials stock. Also would the Yuni 20" frame fit on the wheelset of the onza.

I would like to paint my frame kinda like Jess Riegel’s pink one. What would be the best way to do it? Would a flouresent (SP?) pink spray paint work? I don’t know anything about powdercoating.

Thanks, Kelly.

No one can help??

It’s better not to do it yourself. I’ve done my old frame a couple of times to kind of see what works best and in the end you might as well just get it professionally done with either bedford or


pink? ? come on! thats so 5 minutes ago.

anyway the Onza hub is suppoed to be just like the KH 2005 hubs which means 42x20 bearing size.

pink… I’m too scared to spray mine pink. Think of all the comments, already I’ve heard ‘All unicyclists are gay’ twice… Plus, I’m more of an orange man >_>

Edit: Bold didn’t work.

UDC Powdercoats frames??

Anyone know of a price?

Would bright pink spray paint work then clear coat it like 3 or 4 times work??

I know that most yuni frames fit the KH 2005 hub also darren powder coats all sorts of things (including rims and spokes). just phone or email him, i think it is pretty cheap. if you don’t know his website is

Already emailed him…Ty for the help.

yeah, primer it too. 4 coats of clear for durability also.

use Krylon not the cheap crap.

Paint rocks