Questions about the users' locations map

Is the map broken for anyone else?

It’s working for me.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Works for me too.

Oh weird. I just refreshed clearing cache (which I was sure I’d done before) and it’s all working again.

Previously I wasn’t getting the OSM map tiles behind the user icons.

Good opportunity for myself to ask questions too…

My location was set to France and didn’t appear on the map.
So I changed it, using the autocompletion in the Map Location field in the preferences:

I now have a complete location, but I still don’t appear on the map, and I don’t know why.

Plus, only 46 profiles appear on the map, which seems a bit low to me :thinking:

edit: from what I remember, despite the fact there are clickable icons on each user’s profile to show their location, I hid the link to this map from the hamburger menu because the other map available in the forum’s header is way more complete:

My location does work on the inbuilt map, but I’m not at present on the Open Unicycle Map…

One of the issues about the Open Unicycle Map is how easy it is for things to become massively out of date. People at least who use the forum are more likely to periodically update their profiles as they realise they’re not correct. Nobody uses the other map aside from to add themselves or perhaps look up others once or twice.


I tweaked an option and now more profiles appear on the map, including mine.