Question Regarding Unicycle Ordering

I started Unicycling about 5 months ago and started liking it more and more over time. I got a Torker CX 24" as my first Unicycle (yes, its not great, but it was a gift and it did get me into unicycling). I’m interested in getting into trials and street type of stuff and am looking to purchase a Nimbus 20-inch Trials Cycle with ISIS hub off First off, if that’s a mistake let me know (it looks like a good deal to me). I’m curious as to what comes with it, and whether I need to purchase other parts (tire, pedals)?. The picture shows a complete unicycle. Here’s the description:

link or gtfo!


the only mistake you have made so far is questioning the awesome that is the mighty nimbus!!! link to what you are talkin about because it looks a bit like you are on some sort of kit page where you need to choose which parts you want. unicycle dot com (and it’s overseas branches) have complete unis, parts, odd stuff, etc, but when buying a complete uni the only thing you need to provide is a tire pump and uni skillz. they supply the allen key needed to tighten the seat clamp and also a funky multitool that you can use to put the pedals on and tighten them up (plus other uses i have no idea about).

takes like 5-10 mins to unbox and make sure you are putting it all together correctly, then another couple of minutes to pump the tire and adjust the seat. after that is all gravy.

The Nimbus Trials ISIS is a great unicycle the only thing that would need to be upgraded would be the cranks over time to KH Moments. UDC ( has great services and will help you out in any way possible.

If your stuck on something give the store your buying from a call and they will give you advice.

Hope this helps

The cranks that unicycle comes with are ment to be quite good.

Heres a review on the in another thered Nimbus Venture Cranks Review

Is the unicycle you’re talking about from UDC - the same as the one from -

Just wondering coz im a Brit thinking about buying and the UK one looks like its only 19" and doesn’t have the nice saddle…(?)

They are both 19", that’s the size trials tyres come in.

I’m guessing the reason the US version comes with the KH saddle is because they’re clearing out stock of the old style KH saddles at the moment.


Thanks for the replies guys, next time ill put the link in so its easier :p.

Thanks :slight_smile: Shame the UK version doesn’t come with all hte options for different colour saddles and stuff…

Why are you asking us questions about what is selling?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask about what is selling?

They’ve got excellent customer service, and will help tailor your order to meet your needs…

…that is, if you bother to talk with them.

All we’ll guarantee you here is misinformation and bad advice.

That being said, you’ll need to hire a clown to help you assemble and ride this unicycle.

You’ll also need a music box and organ grinder to provide the soundtrack for your adventure, and a monkey to collect your tips.

Oh, and you’ll need lots of watermelons, and a few mallets. Rain ponchos are optional.

Those 2 unicycle are the same. The Nimbus seats they come with are great.

buy from the UK it’ll be cheaper shipping unless you can pick it up for free:D

I was unaware of the quality of service, which i am now aware of. I also wanted to be sure from a non-biased source (unless people here work for that I was making a good decision.

The two trials unicycles are different one has a different seat from the other.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the seat. Although, if you do want to get a seat upgrade, you could phone up and ask them, they might be able to swap the seat for a bit more money.