Question on Telford Frames

I initiated a thread on 4/7 soliciting any non-positive feedback on Hunter frames, as I’m about to purchase. One of the replies–by Jagur–included a link to a semi-theoretical discussion on frame design differences between Hunter, DM, and Telford.

The information on the Telford sounded interesting, but the link to the Telford site was dead. Via Google, I’ve found lots of other links, but other than a few that lead to someone’s personal description of having ridden a Telford, the rest of them are all dead. Almost like Telford has been extracted from the net by aliens.

Can anyone speak for whether these are still available, and what they’re like?

I know I’m probably overdoing this whole KH vs Hunter vs. DM investigation, and I should probably just shut up, flip a coin, and make my buy. But then again, I do tend to put the “anal” in “analyst”. :thinking:

I also noticed several posts recently which mention people switching from Hunters or Telfords to KH 24s, but without much info on the Why?

Any last data points welcome. I’ll make sure the next post from me will be a photo of whatever I decided to buy.

Thanks, TB

in order to get a Telford,i think you have to be a member of the shadow government…everything else is classified…

The Telford is not currently available. The builder does not currently have a shop. Hopefully production will get going again some time in the future. Even when it was in production it was a hard frame to get. There weren’t very many of them made.

The Telford is a nice unicycle. Especially if you plan on using a parallelogram style seatpost shock like the Thudbuster The reason for the frame design is to be able to use the Thudbuster shock.

I think a Telford style frame sized to fit a 29er wheel along with a Thudbuster shock would make an excellent XC muni for racing.

If you don’t want to go for a KH frame the Hunter is the best alternative. The fork legs on the Hunter are stiffer than the legs on DM Vortex. The Hunter is a well designed and well made frame.

The aluminum Wilder is also a nice frame.

I went with a KH frame because of the flat crown (I like to play around with 1 foot skills on the muni and eventually I’d like to learn to glide) and because of the brake mount design. The Hunter and the Wilder just don’t cut it for one foot skills.