Question on crankflips

After searching, i couldn’t find anything on this.

  When you guys crankflip, do you find yourself dangling your foot off of the front pedal, right before you jump?  I have been doing that, for almost 2 months, and I have had almost no progress in my crankflip.  I can land it, but definately not close to consistantly.  Would it help if I pushed the crank with the ball of my foot, then withdrew my foot from pushing on my crank to to let the cranks rotate?  I may be dangling my foot off too much. I only leave the edge of my shoe on the crank right before I jump to get that "snapping effect" that shaun mentioned in his tutorial. Could it be that I am dangling my foot off [I]too[/I] much?  Do you have a technique that worked easier for you?  I just want to master this trick already.  It has to be one of the most frustrating tricks I have had to deal with, and will ever have to deal with.

If you guys could post anything that could help on this particular part of the crankflip, I would be more appreciative than you know.

all i can say is think FLICK, flick your do and then spread your feet apart kinda like a unispin, i do em with the ball of my foot…

I can get perfect rotation on the cranks with my foot hanging off, but it throws me off balance… It would be like trying to learn the crankflip all over again if i tried to use the ball of my foot. sigh ya gotta do what ya gotta do i guess.

It seems that is my only options. Crankflips have only come to me on flat ground. I cant get the rotation down curbs, up curbs, or on any obstacle at all for that matter. By the time i get to the edge of the curb, as soon as I lean forward, my foot slips off of the pedal, sending me flying forward. I cant do it moving forward while my foot is hanging off. I ride up, halt, jump, then I spin the cranks at that moment, land in the same spot, and ride away, only when I am fotunate enough to land it. I’ll try to learn the ball of foot maneuver.

I use the balls of my feet on both pedals. I did a crankflip doing a curb on the second day after landing to crankflip. And stuck a crankflip up that curb on the same day. For me it feels more natural to carry on travelling forward when doing them. But I can also do a 1.2m(or close) rolling unispin.

But basically, just learn to use the balls of your feet. More control, more snap, more stability.


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