Question from a newbie.

Hi I am new to the unicycle scene partly because of gas prices, fun, and it looks just plain fun! I have been reading the forums trying to find out what kind of a unicycle I should get as a beginner but I couldn’t find an adequate answer for what I am about to ask. Now I have pretty much made my decision of what Unicycle I will get but I don’t know what size wheel would be better for my needs. Now I don’t plan on doing tricks or anything soon I just want to be able to ride on it by riding around our neighborhood and to church. So the question is should I get the Torker LX 26" or 24"? Now I would look at some other unicycles but my income is very very low. My job is at a music store for only 4 -5 hours a week at $7 an hour lol. So what would you all recommend? I really just want to commute around the block.

In general, smaller wheels are easier to learn on and larger wheels are faster to ride on. Smaller is slower and more maneuverable. Larger is faster and more difficult to control. People usually learn on either a 20" or 24" wheel. Sometimes they learn on smaller wheels because their legs are too short for a 20" wheel. There are cases of people learning on wheels as large as 36" but this is extremely rare. Your inseam will in part dictate the size on which you will learn.

If you’re thinking about a 26" my guess is that your legs are long enough and you already know it. I would recommend the 24" because it will be easier to learn than the 26" and will be substantially faster and more versatile than a 20" wheel. This would be ideal for trips around the block and short errands.

The Torker LX is more than adequate for your expressed needs. Good luck and plan on spending 10-20 hours before you can ride a straight line for any appreciable distance with any repeatability.

Thankyou very much for your insight and help. Kind of reminds me of when I first started playing guitar the more practice the better and just practice practice practice.

Harper said it right

You might want to consider an ax Torker also, they are a little nicer then the lx, basically with a lighter alum frame, stainless spokes etc. , for only a few $ more. But the lx is a very good and popular choice as well.

Here is the best price that I know of for Torkers.

Just don’t get a Sun, or a cx Torker, everyone says the drop off in quality once you go cheaper then an lx, is to much.

The seat on my ax is pretty good. It might be better then the one on the lx, but I am not sure about that.

Throw on a pair of Oddesy twisted PC pedals on that

For about 12 $ / pr, the twisted PC’s are way better then the slippery pedals that come on the ax or lx.

I would also consider getting a pair of wrist wraps. Almost everyone does a few palm plants over the first few days. Running the tire kinds soft, like 20 psi, can help keep it from pitching you forward over every rock and crack.

come on now FEEL THE LIGHT…for someone so concerned about mark-up I’d expect you to find a better deal than that on an AX. :wink:

Over $20 cheaper than what brandcycles is offering it for…even with shipping.

Yeah, 126 $ plus 20 $ to ship

They beat brandscycle by 14 $. I will save that link, and change my recommendation.:slight_smile:

Learning to ride is hard enough. I wouldn’t make it even harder by trying to do it on a 26".

If you put on some short cranks, a 24 can go fairly fast. W/ the stock length or longer cranks it can be used for light trials and light MUni. The largest road tire that’ll fit is the 2.5" Hookworm, and I’m pretty sure the widest knobby that’ll fit is the 2.6" Kenda Kinetics.

On the other hand, you may want to get a different size than what you primarily want to eventually do. 20" is good for tricks and light trials. 24" not so good for tricks or light trials, but good for light MUni. 26" can be used for light MUni and is the best of these for distance.

Let’s say you primarilly want to do MUni. While saving for a really good 24" MUni, you could use the 20" LX for learning new tricks, light trials, and as a loaner. Or if you are REALLY persistant you could learn on the 26" LX and later put on really short cranks and do distance on it.

Or if you want to primarily do distance, you could get the 24 LX and while saving for a 36" you could do some light trials and light MUni.

The seats on those two are exactly the same.