Question for vancouver island muni

Ok so I know this may be a little late but i was wondering if anyone had directions to Dylans house or perhaps a phone number or address for him? My flight leaves early tomorrow morning (Thursday) and I was thinking it might be a good thing if I knew where I was going when I got there…(I will be flying into Comox Airport ~ 15 minutes from his house (south of it I believe) if that helps with direction info. Worse comes to worse, I will look him up in the phone book when I get up there…
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Check the thread titled Vimw

Here is the important info:

I think everyone in town is going to know Dylan is having an event because there is going to be a whole bunch of people asking for directions to his house. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that one out to me John, I missed it before. Looks like I’ll make it now!!!

I’m leaving now. I’m taking a pit stop in Port Townsend to see the parents then taking the Port Angeles ferry to Victoria in the morning. See y’all (at least those who are going) at Dylan’s. eh?

If anyone needs a ride from Comox airport to Dylan’s on Friday around 4:30pm I’ve got a spare seat and room on the roof for a muni.

Cell # (250) 897-8264

Cheers, Greg