question for unicycle sellers/manufacturers

I’ve been working on a few FAQ’s about the new varieties of unicycling and one of the issues I want to explore is whether the 20” wheel is still dominant for non specific use and the first choice for beginning unicyclists.

This question is for those of you involved in the selling/manufacture of unicycles: -

What proportion of unicycles made/sold are 20”-ers and what proportions are 24”-ers.

If you want to go further it’d also be interesting to know stats for Cokers and 28”-ers, though I’m assuming they will be quite low.

I’m thinking that the 20” would have been in the lead a few years back, but surely the 24”-er must be catching up or even surpassing, but that’s just my thought, I’m hoping that some of you know the facts.

This is only a rough approximation for the bike shop sales, but it’s probably about 2:1 in favour of 20" unis. This isn’t adult specific or anything though so that may well be just because more kids seem to buy unicycles around here than adults. I’d guess it’s about even for adults (half 20", half 24").


Cheers for that Andrew, do the adult customers seem to ponder/ask questions about whether a 24" or 20" is most suitable for them?

Sorry, I don’t work in the shop often enough to know. People don’t buy unis every day and I usually only meet the people who do at our weekly rides.