question for Kris, or anybody knowladgeable about KH uni options

I know that the KH20’s now come with Jim C’s, but i was wondering if you can select the color you want them to come in, the same goes for the saddle. I ask cause you get color options if the pedals and saddle are bought alone.

thanks in advance,

Honestly, im not sure.

I know when your ordering from UDC, they have a section where you can type about your order, so I bet you can just say to add whatever color of saddle and pedals and they will change it on request.

Thats my suggestion, but id wait until you get a better answer. lol

I know that you can ask for a specific colored saddle when ordering from UDC I can only assume you can ask for your preferred color for the petals as well.


email UDC. They are probably the best people to ask, as they are selling them.

Choosing Color

when I ordered my KH24 2007 from Roland let me chose the color that I wanted. I got a nice blue trimed saddle to match the frame.