Question/Cost of One Tired Guy


One Tired Guy should not cost $40CAN. Retail should be $20U.S., or $30CAN.

That bikeshop in Terrace is charging way too much.

— jagur <> wrote:
> i have no idea why O.T.Guy is so expensive,im sure it cost alot to make
> and that has probobly got a bit to do with the price.
> i can tell you that personally this is the reason why i havent bought
> it.if it was on DVD i’m sure i would.$30 bucks for anything on tape in
> the year 2002 is to much.
> thats just my opinion and im sure i’ll get blasted for it,like i seem to
> on every post!
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When you consider that about 100 people will purchase the tape, it needs to be more expensive (I have no idea how many pepole, but I bet alot less that Mountain Bike movies, which still sell few…I guess)

Just like CD’s to cassettes, DVD’s are cheaper to produce than VHS tapes. But how would they make money by selling the new technology cheaper than the old?

I too, refuse to buy any more VHS, although I’m missing out on some good flicks


Thanks Kris for sayn that its only supposed to be 30$ Can. Ill have to go thebike shop and try to get the price down alittle.