Question about the pink unicycle

Is it still just a way to get rid of old parts or somthing? cause ive read on multiple forms that is what is going on. the unicycle is the Nimbus 20" Phantom Hoppley

well honestly, the old price 500$ was really a joke.

300 is good which is what it is right now, i wouldn’t spend more than that.

kh/onza is a good hub/crankset, but i thought it wasn’t compatible with isis…but udc says it is isis.

just don’t ever pay $500 for it, that’s terrible…

I think this must be an example of bad info on UDC. There is no way a KH/Onza hub is compatible with ISIS. Well, there is one. If you change your hub and cranks I think you could get away with the same spokes. So, limited compatibility.

Still, if you get the crank length you want from the beginning I don’t think you would ever feel the need to replace them.

If you want a pink Unicycle the Qu-ax luxus comes in pink and is not too much of a rip off. It has a pink seat although according to their website the seat is black.

so they are selling a uni with non compatible items but the picture shows that they do go together just fine? :thinking:

no in the info section it says it’s isis. that would mean it’d be compatible with kh moments. it’s not.

but kh/onza is still a good hub/crankset. i just think it’d be hard to find replacement cranks…i dunno i’ve never tried to find the kh onza cranks.

it’s only worth what it’s at right now. not $500. 70 more is a kh. or almost 2 regular nimbus…OR 2 signature nimbus really. which is really what it is…a signature nimbus /w an old hub.