Question about spokes

Earlier today I was out riding and I noticed that one of my spokes was broken. So I took it off and continued my ride.

I’m wondering how big of a problem it is if I am missing just one spoke. It was right at the bottom of my wheel, so if I do any drops, I will land right where the missing spoke was.

i dont think that it will be to big of a deal for a short time if your wheel is tensioned well, but you should get it addressed

Well, you can rotate the cranks to “move” the position of the broken spoke in the meantime. However, I’m sure what would be the strongest position of the “spoke hole”.

The integrity of the wheel is somewhat compromised but it’s a unicycle so it probably doesn’t matter a lot. Spokes work in tension, not compression, so the one on the bottom isn’t getting stressed when you do drops. I had a bicycle rear wheel which would go hopelessly out of true if one spoke broke. I would have to open up the brake calipers to ride at all. Sometimes it would hit the frame. One the other hand, the rim from which BlueShift’s wheel is made is so stiff that I have had three broken spokes on it at one time and it remained true.

my friend broke soo many of his spokes on his LX but he doesnt ride enough to need to get it fixed