Question about a badge wording

Very off topic but I noticed something with the English translation of the badges

Has 500 liked posts and gave 1000 likes

For the first section, is it referring to having 500 separate posts that have been liked (500 liked posts), or that I have posts with 500 likes together across all my posts?

@Canapin I remember you saying English isn’t your first language so just wanted to check just in case.

If it’s the second option I’d recommend changing the wording to “500 likes on posts”.

Discourse is natively written in English so there should be no mistakes but sometimes wording can indeed be confusing.

“Has 500 liked posts” means “your posts have been liked for a total of 500 likes overall”.

But I can change every text on the forum, there is an option for that. :slight_smile:


Great, just trying to help out with the text part, thanks for running this site :slight_smile: I appreciate your time.