Quax Unicycle article

This article showed up on the Google feed on my cell phone https://yourgroupride.com/ride-review-dylan-canfields-qu-ax-rgb-mountain-unicycle/


Nice Uni!!!

Do you get along well with the T-Bar and the Starfighter? I can’t deal with it at all.

It’s not my my uni uni in the article. I’m not affiliated with the subject of the article but he may be an active member of this forum.
for what it is worth I only use the star fighter on my unicycles without touring bars where I have my brake lever positioned in the center of my saddle handle.

Very nice Unicyle!!!
I just ordered a customized 29" RGB Muni from the Qu-ax site.
Can’t wait to get it!

I think the question to ask here is who is Dylan Canfield, the owner of this unicycle and the subject of this article.

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