Quax trials seatpost FUSED in!

Title really says it all. I have tried just about everything to get the post loose, but it won’t budge in the slightest. I completely loosened the clamp, soaked the seat tube & post for about an hour with liq. wrench, tried pounding it out, twisting, but it’s like it’s welded in!

Seems to the the correct/original seat post. I even took to my LBS but they didn’t really have an answer. Any ideas, short of cutting it out and replacing the seat post AND welding a new seat tube? It’s also 90% to the bottom of the tube, so it looks like it was never cut.

tried WD-40? It helps me everytime when something is stuck or whatever

You might try leaving it in the sun for a while to heat it up. If you cant get it off any other way try using a vise (that is attached to a table if you have one) and a large hammer, and just beat into submission. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. don’t leave your unicycle out in the rain so it rusts stuck and 2. remove the clamp, dont just loosen it but just ram it off with a hammer, most likely the clamp has been too tight and the frame bent in a bit.

This might sound stupid… but try pounding it INTO the seat tube even more…

I got a bike from a friend last week that had an aluminum post and a steel frame… left out in the rain for almost a year.

Pounding the post into the frame more will break up the oxides that are seizing it up, then you should be able to twist it back up and out.

I actually found this out on my own, AFTER I cut the post… so I just hammered it to the bottom of the seat tube… because the post actually wasn’t in straight… and had been slightly bent.

If that doesn’t work, just get a new frame, and post.

hit the post IN with a hammer, make the seatpost cold (ice?) and heat the seattube w/ a heatgun (i guess a propane torch would work if you are careful)

Don’t get new stuff, you should be able to get it out.

The exact same thing happened to me and I just sprayed WD40 on it every day and let it soak and after about a week i was able to twist and pull it out. It happened after I left it in all winter without moving it at all.

It was all rusty so I cleaned off the post and seat tube of the frame and now everytime I put my seatpost back on I rub a thin layer of grease on it so that it doesn’t seize up like that again.

No the clamp was totally loosened and is spinning all around the post when I/m whacking on the post to try to get it off. Obviously the clamp can’t be taken out of there while the seat’s still on.

maybe try (u probably have but…) get a screwdrive in the slot of the frame (a flathead) and try forcing it open?

Haha yeah tried that too; in fact, was able to get that slot visibly separated (making a small gap) between it and the post but still won’t budge! I wonder if the last guy who owned it put anti-sieze or loktite in it to keep it from moving! If so, it sure worked…too well! :astonished:

I did have a thought of removing the wheel, turning the frame upside down and inserting a steel (round) bar inside the bottom of the seat tube, and pounding the post out that way. It’s almost all the way to the bottom. I have a crap load of diff sized seat posts I thought at least one would fit in there but they’re either too big or too small! I’m off to home depot in a few to try to find the right size, unless you all don’t think that will work either.

I had the same problem with mine earlier this year, i thought it was stuck forever because i dropped it in the sea :frowning: (big mistake lol) anywho i wanted to heighten it at BUC, which was when i discovered it was stuck, so i asked roger and his team to have a look at it but they had no success despite heating it up on a stove (lol). I eventually got it out after soaking it with wd40/oil for about a week, blow torching the frame until it was major hot, carefully poured water down the seatpost tube and bolted a huge piece of angle iron where the seat would go and stuck it in a vice and twisted. It moved reluctantly but i got it out, the only problem is i slightly twisted my frame in the process.


Use the post that is too small, and pound it out from underneath.

As long as the post isn’t so small it goes inside the other post, you’re fine.

Try heating it up with a blow torch!

I think twisting the post would be more effective than ramming it (in or out). I would loosen the clamp all the way and ride it around for a few days, do some drops see if it loosens up.

Yeah that clamp is completely loose and spins around so that has nothing to do with it being stock now. And the smaller post was too small and started to get stuck inside the seat post I was trying to remove, so that didn’t work.

I think I’ll try heating it up, and find a steel post that will fit but wont get jammed inside. Then pound the holy hell out of it. I think that might be the way as I don’t want to twist the frame out of whack.

Same thing happened to me with mine, I was really afraid to do that whole freezing and heating thing, so what I did was put the frame in a vice then used some stuff they had at the bike shop and it worked. I had tried using wd forty and a bunch of other things and non of that worked.

Another thing to try is to put it in a vice. Bolt a piece of wood into the seatpost and use the wood as a lever to twist the seatpost, usualy once you get it moving it is easier. Another option would be to bolt a slide hammer onto the seatpost.

I know!!

Use the force Terry!!

naw, I’d try spraying a TON of WD-40 in there, then wait a little while for it to sink in, then use a vice or something to hold it down REALLY good, and then just drop kick the hell out of it.

Seems like it should work…

Has it ever been in contact with water? If so it could be oxidized and anything that has been oxidized into place is a BITCH to get out. For that to happen though there has to have been water and a long period of time where it sat in place and was never tampered with, just beat into the same place over and over. When I say beat I mean it has to have taken impact in whilst in the same spot. This happens to me allll the time with my motorcycle and it sucks, I truly feel for you if this is the case.

Put it somewhere you won’t forget it

And go by and give it a little shot of WD or LW once a day for a couple of weeks. It can take a long time for that stuff to work all the way down. Patience first, then violence. I would be surprised if it was really stuck after 2 weeks. Rap it not hard with a hammer every day also.

Ive done this, it worked, tho I dont know how great of an idea it is for the frame.