Quax Isis hub and cranks...

it looks like Qu-ax has a Isis hub and cranks now just like the Koxx uni’s. I wonder how the new Qu-ax hub is. Anyone have it yet?

If no one knows what i am talking about go to www.qu-ax.de

And how is quax related to Kris Holm uni’s? Cause qu-ax has a link to Kris Holms site which has me thinking the same manufacturer who makes KH makes Quax…which has me believe that most Uni forks are produced by the same company in china…


Qu ax is Kris Holms european distributor. I think that is the only relation but their probably also good friends and just help each other out.

I didnt no they’ve done an isis hub i saw the cranks, so is isis like a style of crank when its thinner

The new Freestyle Professional is also supposed to come with an ISIS hub.

But the shape of the cranks seems to be quite convex (even more than the Koxx cranks), so they might be not that good for street tricks (i.e. standing on them).

Lucas, the ISIS spindle is a chunky 10 spline spindle, which looks pretty much liked a beefier KH 2004 spindle. It’s got a very very simple fitting system, which involves less spacers and fiddly pieces than your regular 36 spline KH Onza type BMX multi-spline spindle. It’s a strong spindle used on mountain bikes, and is extremely simple to fit and remove, whilst being stiff and very resistant to spindle wear compared to other types of splined cranksets.

Goood on Qu-ax for doing ISIS as well, the way forward for unicycling I think. Onza are making their own ISIS cranks for unicycling in the name of their other brand ‘Tensile’ which already make ‘optimum cranks’ for biketrials. Kris Holm is also apparantly set to make a set of ‘Kris Holm Moment’ ISIS cranks.

yeh i have the splined qu ax freestyle it is a very nice freestyle i think and others have said so too and so im not just saying that:D

There are actually four different varients to the ISIS standard. The tapered splines are always identical but the spindles centres vary. The ISIS as fitted to the freestyle Quax is the lightest specification as designed for road bikes with a 16mm internal hole. This is not suitable for trials.


I have both the ISIS splined pro/freestyle and “Cross/light” Muni. Although it is splined, it is definitly not strong enough for any hard trials use. The red hub they are on is just like the square taper non-splined, except the ends are ISIS. The whole axle on this is hollow all the way through, and thin. Very light.

HOWEVER, the ISIS “Muni” yellow hub should be very strong. I haven’t seen it yet though, and I don’t know much about it.