Quax crossfire trials or Torker dx trials???

is the quax crossfire trial better than the dx torker for trials, street, and a little muni???

Quax Crossfire…Lighter…Thin Saddle (unless you perfer a fat saddle)…And its a Quax…HAHA…

Ohhh and its lighter…and the Frame is better

My vote? Go for the new Nimbus ISIS trials.

That Qu-Ax (19" in U.S., 20" in Europe) is MUCH lighter than the trials DX (19"), but the maximum widest knobby tire available is a 20X2.4 (it has a rounder profile than most true trials tires, making side to side ballance a bit harder). Kenda Flame is a *20X3" cruiser tire, but it’s more like 2.5" wide (and maybee other manufacturers), it’s probably good for urban trials and street, but I don’t know if anyones tried it.

The frame is very strong and reasonably light. The DX’s is as heavy as a tank.The red hub is ISIS, but not nearly as strong as all other splined hubs. but I have heard of several people doing drops up to 3.5 feet w/o problems (your weight and technique are big factors in uni durability).

I agree the new Nimbus trials, the isis hub one is the best new uni option at the moment.