Quax 27.5 RGB. $400 + shipping

Black Quax RGB with three sets of cranks, 137mm, 145mm and 170mm. It has a few scuffs and scratches but no real damage. It has been ridden hard, but I am not a good enough rider to really abuse it. Tire has about 50% wear and the tube has a couple patches.


Did you get something asking you to put your location in for your post?

Yes, and I filled it out too. I’m located in Tacoma Washington so if someone is local I don’t mind meeting up somewhere.

Hello Duff !

I’m very interested but in France !
(Thanks @Maxence for the info)
Is it still possible ? Is delivery possible ?

If it’s possible and the shipping cost is not exorbitant, i’ll be very happy to buy your unicycle !

PS : Otherwise, if you are not in a hurry, and you are going to Grenoble in France for the UNICON…

(Sorry for my english, i don’t speek well at all😊)


I’m not sure what shipping to France might be, but I’ll look into it and let you know.

Edit: After looking into it a little I’m thinking it might not be feasible. I looked up a random address in Paris and ran the rate calculators for Fedex and UPS and both were scary expensive. Fedex was the cheaper one at $380. I found another third party shipper called Package Hopper that quoted a very reasonable rate, but online reviews of them were extremely bad and I don’t think I’d want to take the risk of shipping through them. But if you can find a reputable shipper with a rate you’re willing to pay let me know and I’ll send it off.

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Ok, thanks a lot Duff, it’s very nice ! I’ll try to find a reputable shipper that quoted a reasonable rate, but if you (or a friend of you) will come to the unicon in France in july, i can pay you now and wait for summer (if it’s possible, it would also avoid customs fees which will be added to the transport costs) What do you think about that ?..

I’m not going to be able to attend Unicon, but I know there are other avid unicyclists in the Puget Sound area. Maybe one of them will be attending and could bring it with them? I’m guessing you’d still have to pay some sort of baggage fee, but that should be far less than the cost of shipping to France.

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I hope that you’ll find someone, that would be great ! I don’t know how much the baggage costs are, maybe 30 ot 40 $ i think, surely much lower than the cost of shipping to France, so it would be very interesting ! Let me know… Thank you

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I’m in Los Angeles and very interested. Let me know what you think about the shipping cost to here. I think this would be a great fit for my needs.


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