quality coker

hey does anyone know where i can get a quality coker for under 300 bucks or a 29-inch for under 200?

no such thing as a “quality” coker for under $300 but this 29er is only $229 is that close enough?


Coker on E-Bay

Look on e-bay there is a coker for $249 with an airfoil rim.

I have a Radial 360 wheel complete with UDC super wide hub & Radial tire I only used it for about 150 miles then upgraded to an Airfoil rim with another Radial 360 tire, I will sell you my stock Radial 360 wheelset and you can get a Coker frame from Bedford for 79.00 and if you already have a seatpost and crank arms your set.
Or I will be selling my YUNI 29" in about 3 or 4 weeks (I will be getting a new KH29)