Qu-Ax Trials(ISIS)

I’ve decided to concentrate more on freestyle stuff and idle/juggling so, my trials unicycle is pretty much useless. I just hurt myself on it and I need the money now more than I need a broken foot.

Qu-Ax Trials
Yellow hub
ISIS 125mm cranks
Clear Animal Hamilton pedals
Original gusseted seatpost(cut but, not too low)
Nimbus Gel saddle, blue.
Maxxis Creepy Crawler

Small dent in rim from bottoming out while hopping. Not serious by any means.
Small tear in seat leather.
Saddle is missing one carriage bolt.
Scratches from crank stalls.
CC tire is starting to get a wear spot. Just needs rotated.

I’m looking for $200 for it. I’m not at all interested in parting it out. I’m also not interested in shipping out of the lower 48(US). I might consider trades(29" commuter, 20" freestyle). Mostly though, I just need the cash.

I’m not sure how much shipping would be. If you want to pick it up, I’m in the Northwest Arkansas area(Fayetteville).

I’ll take some pics tonight and probably post them tomorrow. Except for the scuffs and scratches, it’s in great shape. Nothing creaks or wobbles. Nothing is bent or warped. I just never use it anymore.


For those who don’t know, here’s a pic of a new one.

Can you email me? dcr@ec.rr.com very interested. Dean


Tentatively taken.


Still for sale. No longer taken.

Hey, Im interested

It’s still available so, if you’re interested, you should PM(private message) me with your address(for shipping purposes) and your preferred payment method.

I would really prefer to use PayPal as a payment method.