Qu-Ax Trials 20" unicycle '06

what are people’s comments on this qu-ax 06 unicycle.

I need a unicycle for street riding (considering i don’t have much to spend) and i won’t be using it for extreme use.

I would appreciate any comments.


Get a new handle for it, and I think it would be good.
A friend of mine has got that uni, nothing is bent yet. :roll_eyes:

Where would i get a handle and how would i know it’s the right fitting?

That’s just last years version of the qu-ax beginners trials unicycle.

In comparison, it’s not splined, and has a rubbish seat.

The cost to make it almost as good as the current one would be £20-£30 for a new seat, so no point buying it.



We’ve got one of the 2006 Qu-Ax in the office and I’ve added a handle to it, and i reckon its alright. I’ve sat on far worse saddles and in terms of shape and softness its very similar to the latest Nimbus seat.

PS: The handles are on their way to us and should be on the website soon (they should be quite cheap).


The new version is now ISIS splined, and a much better and stronger trials unicycle. And only 11 quid more.

Despite what it says on the Unicycle.uk.com website this is a pretty darn strong unicycle - I’ve done 5 foot drops on it no problem. pic

If you get that uni, make sure you get it with the maxxis CC tire.

The one on the pic doing a drop is the '06 model which i am thinking of buying. (isn’t splined but has a proper trials rim)

The '07 model can’t be fitted with the maxis creepy crawler tyre.


I would recomend the crossfire uni that they have for an additional 10 pounds, it has a nicer handle and seat.

Wups, just read that little bit about the max daddy tire, I would call them and ask how much it would cost to get the 07 seat put onto the 06 uni.

They are going to sell the '06 model with the handle, sometime soon hopefully.

It is worth saying that you don’t actually have the 07 model in NZ, you have a 06/07 cross over model with a real 19" rim/tyre.


That explains alot of confusion!


Yes, I forgot about that, sorry! I think UDC NZ got the best of both models - 07 ISIS hub and Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre! check it out

Hey i came across a UK company Flames 'N Games they are in to all things circus & juggling and the stock a large range of Unicycles & Unicycle Accessories.

I got a Kris Holms 20" Trials from them and what very please with there over the phone customer service and super fast delivery! Only had to wait 1 day!