Qu-ax splined hub/crankset reviews?

Hola folks. Just wondering if anyone has tried out the qu-ax splined hubs. I only heard a little mention of them once upon a time. It was enough to learn of their existence but no feedback.

direct hub link (hope it works):

main page link:

Both the price and the 127mm crank length make them very compelling. I can’t tell from the pic if it is another ankle-biter or not. The bearing OD looks to be the same as the KH bearing OD.
I’m not sure whether the "Wide: bearing center - bearing center: 100mm " part matches that of the KH hub. Maybe I’ll measure my KH tomorrow.

I’m sure someone nice has already said this stuff on one of the German forums, but my German is not so strong (nor existent). Any help would be much appreciated.


hey, ya know, I just noticed that the Qu-ax has 48 holes while the KH hub has 36. So much for my KH hub replacement idea. But I’m still curious nonetheless about the Qu-ax.

It pays to read the whole thing :roll_eyes:

No need to worry about that…you can fit a 48 hole hub with a 36 hole rim. All you have to do is miss a few holes on the hub. With those numbers you can do it evenly so you don’t lose any strength.

As for the width, I’ve noticed that the KH hubs are quite narrow between the flanges (from the looks of things). Do you lose much strength from this?


I got myself one of the new quax trials and I gotta say that there is nothing to complain about so far! I cant say that it doesn’t broke when I drop like… 1.5 meters. Because I don’t really fency drops like that. But it did survive first exercises at grinding and pedal grabing.
I think it did a great job til now.

take care

Hallo Erik !

At first I must say sorry, cause my knowledge of the english language is not so good, but I try to give you some information about the Quax splined hub !
I bought a hole wheel with the quax-splined hub, 170mm cranks and 48 hole halo combat rim by www. municycle.com.
I can say that this wheel is really a strong one. My weight is about 95kg and I´m doing some 1 meter drops and the hub is laughing. I´ve heard about some guys doing 1,5 meter drops and it was no problem for the hub too.
In opposition to the KH-hub-crank-combination the quax hub with the cranks are no ankle-bitters at all, cause the cranks are not totally in a straight line.
The hub fits into my nimbus II frame with no problem. So I think this muni wheel for 200,- Euro is unbeatable in the categories of price and strongness.
I hope that these are some usable informations for you.

greetings from


I’am Roland from municycle.com.
I got the first qu-ax hub/crank and use it without problems til now.

My weigth is about 95 kg too - Andreas and me - the heavy weight trials gang in Germany :wink:

I done a lot of jumps up to 1,7 meters.
I think the qu-ax hub is a serious alternativ to Profile/KH !


how do you find the qu-ax hub for landing drops?

my first thoughts would be that sticking a landing would be easier on 145mm cranks,
but that rolling out of a drop would be easier with 127mm.

also 127mm cranks should be stronger too.

im tempted by a qu-ax hub but ive already got a profile setup.

just for you i measured a Profile compared to a KH hub.the Profile is a little over a quarter inch w-i-d-e-r than the KH hub.

thanks for the input everyone! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jagur. :slight_smile: That’s an interesting little bit of information.

Hmm. Glad that I found this older thread. I was just about to make a new one about Qu-Ax. I was thinking of replacing my Nimbus/Yuni hub and wheel with a Qu-Ax splined. If my unicyling things go like I have planned it will last pretty long for me. I just weight 60 kg (130 lbs) and I really don’t want to make drops bigger than 150 cm (5 feet) so probably no problems with that. I’ll get a new one if (when) I break the Nimbus hub or the fine Lasco cranks it came with. I’ve done some 2 feet drops and I think´the right crank maybe bent a little bit but I’m not sure. Even though, if I won’t brake the hub during winter next spring will be the time for a new hub because when temperatures start climbing I’ll start some serious MUni, trials and dropping practice.

so will it fit on the KH frame?

I bought the non-splined version of the KH unicycle (20") and was wondering if the Qu-Ax hub would fit on it? It seems like a very good and inexpensive alternative.

Also, does anyone know if you have to pay duty when ordering things from Germany and having them shipped to Canada?

Thanks a lot!

Measure the hub you have now. As said at the start of this thread the Qu-Ax hub’s bearings are 10 cm (4") apart. And it will fit atleast a Nimbus II frame, but I’m not sure about the KH. Maybe you should try sending mail to the municycle.com folks. They might know something.

i had to bend the fork legs on my yuni frame a bit to get the bearings in. not permanently, though, just flexed them. so i don’t think the widths have to be exact matches

When I got my onza hub I had to attack my nimbus II frame with a car jack to widen it enough to fit the hub in… :slight_smile:


I think it may be preferable to have the Nimbus II frame bent permanently to the width of your hub. I’ve seen a bearing come loose where the squeezed-in frame was pulling it outward along the axle. I’m not sure how much a factor the frame was in the dislodging of the bearing but it probably didn’t help.

See http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20638

ah, the nimbus/yuni frame wins again.