Qu-Ax saddles

How does someone like me who lives in the States, get to purchase the Qu-Ax saddles? The ones with zebra stripes,etc… They fit KH post; correct?

I’d like to get one of the new qu ax air saddles when they come out. I suppose you could either order them from UDC.UK, or put the pressure on UDC.US to bring them in.

I emailed Qu-Ax asking them how to get one. I’ll post if anything comes of it.

any update on this?

I’ve emailed Qu-Ax a bunch of times, and they haven’t replied once. I spoke with Josh at UDC.US, and he said that they “can’t get Qu-Ax stuff.” I took from this that they are no longer dealing with Qu-Ax.

They have a Canadian distributor, but they don’t have a good selection of parts.

It seems like someone could bring in Qu-Ax stuff and give people an alternative to Nimbus. Maybe that’s why UDC isn’t stocking their stuff anymore. It’s possible that they don’t see enough of a market to offer two lines that directly compete. From a shop standpoint it makes sense, but it’s unfortunate that as a distributor they just about have a monopoly on unicycles and parts in the US.

If you don’t mind paying for shipping, I do ship overseas. Air parcels cost about US$28 for <1kg (10-14 days) and I believe there’s a cheaper form of postage that’d take longer but cost way less. I’ll check it out if anyone’s interested.

In any case I’ll be expecting a few air saddles soon so I’ll talk about them when I get to try them out.

I would definately be interested in finding out more about that saddle, and about the cheaper shipping option.

Maybe if you write a compelling review of the Air saddle it will generate enough interest that a few of us in the U.S. could buy them together to maybe bring down the shipping cost.

I’ve sent out a very small order on the air saddles but I don’t think they’ll be arriving before Unicon so any feedback would definitely not be soon.

They seem to be a cheap alternative to the gel saddles for distance riding if they’re just as comfortable. The only downside is that they need a rail post.

I’m sure there are people who’ve already got an airseat who’s got an opinion on them. Anyone out there?

that’s true, unfortunately unicycle.com US has next to no or only old QU-AX stuff. Goudurix in Canada has our new Air-saddle, pls order there if you want one. There will be some available at Unicon in NZ, too for sure.
@ Unicon you will also be able to see our QX-series frames and pedals:

They don’t have any details about the few parts they have on the Goudurix website. Maybe they haven’t added new stuff. I would like to read some reviews about the seat, but I’m very interested for my Coker.

they didn’t have the time to put it in the shop yet, but they have it in stock. definitely.

You can ask turtle. He uses or has used one.

We also inquired with Qu-Ax in the past about bringing in some of their saddles and we were told to deal with Canada for wholesale! Gdurix is not a very large company even in the juggling world so we’d prefer to order direct.

Seems like a shame not to be able to get some of those interesting seat designs.

-Ben Schoenberg

Air Saddle and other qu-ax items

I am importing qu-ax equipment to Israel, and have in stock several Air-saddles. Shipping prices are not that expensive from here to the states or europe - i could check out the exact price if anyone is interested. with the world shrinking and everything coming closer (a days flight away) you could order from anywhere, be it singapore, canada or europe…
I sell equipment worldwide - mainly juggling equipment through my site - www.jugglingequipment.com - just let me know and i’ll add any qu-ax prop in no time.