Qu-Ax Muni frames


Anyone else seen these? Anyone have one?
I would like to know what they’re like because im looking for a new muni and quite like the look of these. Don’t really want a KH because my trials is a KH.
Looks identical to a KH to me…

These frames are nice. Good build quality and because it is made from Alu it is light. The tubes are larger than those on the KH because they are not as oval but otherwise they are comparable (the bearing holders use a bolt/nut system instead of a single bolt into threaded hole)
They do not have a knurled bearing holder so using it with a schlumpf might need a bit of alteration but for a DH rig it should suit well. Brake mounts are a bonus too if brakes are your thing.


I like the idea of a nut bolt, not that I have stripped any KH threads, but having a nylock nut would make more sense. The bearing olders are not as “finely done” as KH, but otherwise it looks like a KH.

But honestly, how many ways are there to assemble a frame?

The QX frame is 100g heavier than the KH. I say get the KH in raw. Then it looks different from your trials.


Doesn’t sound promising. I’d rather have a frame we all know fits on everything!

To be honest im not bothered about weight on a muni. You need a bit of weight to help carry momentum anyway.
I am wary about the only fitting Qu-Ax and impact wheels though!

Well yeah 100g isn’t exactly worth much. But didn’t you or Leo use to have an old qu-ax alu frames that basically didn’t fit on many normal wheels? Do you really want to go through that again?

Yeah I’ve got the crappy Qu-Ax alu frame at the moment. Its more the crown design thats a nightmare for hitting your knees on. I hadn’t noticed the odd bearing holders if it has them, Ive got an Onza crankset on it atm, fits fine.

I want a better frame and ISIS for my muni. I was going to give Qu-Ax a wide berth but then saw these new frames.

Any idea whats different about them so they won’t fit certain wheels?

The bearing holders are thicker so they can’t fit any wide flanges, like the KH and the Nimbus, they both have really wide flanges.

i really like it