Qu-ax/KH comparisons?

I’ve just gotten in touch with Roland at Municycle and am wondering what some of the comparisons are between the 24" Qu-ax muni and the KH 24". With the shipping and all the price difference is washed out, are they comparable in quality? Please comment if you’ve tried both. I’m starting to research a muni purchase. Thanks.



Ive got a QuAx Trials, Im very happy with. But never ridden/seen another trials uni, I cant really compare, my buddys getting, a KH20 within the next week or so - maybe I can give you a better comparison after that.

Ive also been looking at getting a 24" splined Muni.

From municycle.com
The Quax24 costs 214.66 EUR shipped at 10.1Kg (80 EUR) = 294.66 EUR
The KH24 cost 378.45 EUR shipped at 8.6 Kg (50 EUR) = 428.45 EUR

So there is a price differance and a weight difference But these weights are obviosly not the actual weights.

What I do know is.

the QuAx cranks have Q Factor, the KH doesnt.

The QuAx has 48 Spokes, the KH has 36.

the QuAx has 25.4 Seat post, the KH has 27.2

The QuAx has a nimus looking frame, the KH has a nice flat crown and better bearing holders.

The QuAx comes with Std. KH seat, the KH comes with the New Fusion Cover seat.

That all I know, and you can see all that on the website anyway.

Roland is getting the the splined Koxx-one unis in soon, so Im also considering that uni, the price will probably be somewere inbetween the two.

The 24in splined QuAx is 7.9Kgs -as per Roland
Dont know about the KH.

If you dont want to waste money go for a qu-ax muni.

We are more than 7 people with qu-ax munis with no problems at all!!

They rock!