qu ax hub/crank set

i have seen a qu ax hub/crank set on municycle.com how good are they for trials?

there was already a thread about this:


Just for kicks, give a little search before you post. Sometimes it saves time.

Have a nice day and good luck! :slight_smile:


I use a 20" with 145mm and a 24" with170mm.

I say, very strong. My weight is 95kg and I drop down up to 1,7 meter. No problem :slight_smile:

I sold a lot of Munis, wheelsets and hub/cranksets (all with qu-ax hub/crank) and I get never a problem.



thanks i did email you roland but i always like to get a second opinon as some shops will sell you anything i am not saying your shop is like that though but i do it with any thing.


I have a 127 set for trials and 170 for Muni