QU-AX hub and crancks


I want to buy the QU-AX yellow hub becouse at this time i have my QU-AX unicycle but with the red hub, I was wondering pro’s and the con’s about it. thank you.

I practice street, i weight 70 Kilograms, and my highest drop is about 1.20 meters.

So you mean the good/not so good things about it? I own one and have nothing but good to say. It’s very stable and robust due to 48 spokes. Maybe the wheel set isn’t the most strongest one, but it can easily take up to 1.70m drops at least. I weigh 65 kg. And I’m also sure that’s not the limit. I’d say go for it. It’s worth the money! :slight_smile: Only little downside might be the weight (6.4kg officially) but mine is more like 6.1kg… Though it doesn’t matter that much, the weight I mean.

I’ve got the splined yellow hub on my 24" Muni & I havent had any problems with it… it’s very sturdy/solid.
I weigh 72kg and have done many 1 meter still drops without riding out and it hasn’t hurt it at all. (I’m still too chicken to try any higher)

I’ve got the Qu-ax splined uni, and am 75kg (It gets heavier as we move further down the thread), I’ve been running it for about… 10 months now, with progressively higher drops and have yet to damage it in any way. I did fuck up my rim though.


I have been riding a qu-ax trial for 8 months now and i am really satisfied of it.

The only problem is the Q factor of the cranks. It’s harder to do all the moves that involve your weight on the crank/hub. And without protections for my ankles, i hurt them on this part. These problems don’t exist on a koxx-one devil (there are others…).

I broke the saddle and seat post twice on some bad landed crankflips and unispins over sets. And one of my pedals has exploted whereas the other have no pin anymore. But i think this is the normal evolution which obviously depend on the way you ride.

It’s quite cheap for a splined hub so you can save money for the future parts replacements.

Now it comes with a new extra wide rim, i freaked out when i saw it.


“problem” with Q factor?? IS there a Q factor or are the cranks straight, like torker? And if there IS a q factor, why is that a problem? Doesn’t the slight angle outward from the axle to the pedal INCREASE the distance of your ankle from the crank, thereby lessening the possibilty of contact/injury to the ankle?

Do you mean that completely black rim? :slight_smile: Where to find it?

You are totally right, but a part of the hub go 1cm out off the hub. The possibility of contact to the ankle is then increased. And as these ankle biters are quite sharp (when you apply great stress) the possibility of injury is increased to.
So again you are right the q-factor itself is not the problem for the ankles injury thing. It’s only the shape of the cranks that’s not perfect. The koxx Isis cranks are flat for example.

Nevertheless if you want to do tricks with all your weight on this part of the uni like Xavier does ( Xavier Collos Video "Vener" ), it’s better to have space to put your foot on. Generally if there is a q-factor, this space is reduced and it’s far more difficult (i only have tried koxx and qu-ax cranks though).

But whatever, the qu-ax is worther its price than the devil, especially if you only start to go big. (Is my sentence right ?)
[EDIT] I bought mine 250Eur whereas the devil was 350.

And i don’t know for the rim, i saw one on a uni bought 4 months ago.


Q-factor is the distance between the pedals; all hub/crank/pedal setups have Q-factor. If the cranks are straight, the Q-factor tends to be less, but the hub width also plays a role.

I like the hub and cranks, but I would personally rather have something like the Koxx splined wheelset. The nub on the hub (yes I rhymed) gets a bit annoying.